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3 albums challenge

I was challenged to name my 3 "Stranded on a deserted island" albums... (that still apparently has electricity :-)

This is a difficult task for several reasons: 1) Imagining to only hear 3 albums for maybe the rest of my life sounds like hell, no mater how much I love the music.

2) Choosing one of Stevie Wonders albums, from "Music of my mind" to "Songs in the key of life", feels like "Sophie’s Choice". 3) When ever I through the years have been whining about not being good enough and comparing myself with all the great singers in Copenhagen, my wife has been asking me this question: Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, James Taylor, Marvin Gaye etc...who would you live without? Who of those singers are just not good enough?

Any way here goes:

1)"Music of my mind" (Stevie Wonder) Has been with me since I was a second grader. I used that cassette deck up. This album if any has defined my way of singing and approaching music.

2) Donny Hathaway "Live" Best live soul album ever, and Hathaway had that voice,, that comes from the core.

3) "Voodoo" (D'Angelo) This masterpiece struck a nerve with me. The complexity groove spoke to the drummer in me, and you can definitely hear the influence on both my albums but especially on "Bumpy Road". I will never get tired of listening to Giovanni Hidalgo' congas on "Spanish joint" will keep me alive!

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